Rig Parts

Below are some of the products we supply
  • Complete rig packages (jackups, semi-submersibles, drillships, deep land rigs, mobile rigs)
  • Blowout preventer and control systems (Cameron, Shaffer, hydril, koomey etc)
  • Mud pumps & parts (national, oil well, gardner-denver, ideco, continental emsco, Harrisburg, mission etc)
  • Draw works & parts (national, oil well, CONTINENTAL EMSCO ETC)
  • Hooks & swivels & parts (national, oilwell, continental emsco, bj varco etc)
  • Drillpipe
  • Drillcollars, hevi-wate drillpipe, stabilizers (smfi, omsco, smith int’l etc)
  • Handling tools & parts (bj varco, wooley etc)
  • Rig instrumentation & parts (martin decker, totco etc)
  • Scr systems & parts (rosshill, ge, ips)
  • Gate valves & parts (Cameron, Shaffer, oteco etc)
  • Mud agitators, desanders, desilters, shale shakers, degassers & parts (brandt, derrick, Harrisburg, swaco, sweco, burgess etc)
  • Butterfly valves & gate valves & parts (demco, crestex, baker spd etc)
  • Rig lighting and electrical & parts (rig-a-lite, nrl, appleton, t & b, allen bradley etc)
  • Explosion proof and tefc motors (us electric, marathon, Toshiba, balder)
  • Kellycocks, kellyvalves, inside bops & parts (omsco, smfi, smith, global, packard)
  • Rig safety systems (h2s etc), (msa, detcon etc)
  • Rotary hoses, vibratory hoses, choke & kill hoses (Taurus, good all, nrp, coflexip, dayco etc)
  • Fishing tools (bowen, gotco etc)
  • Brakes & parts (Baylor etc)
  • Water makers & parts (aqua-chem., me co, alfa-laval, koomey, sea recovery etc)
  • Swivels & hammer unions (fmc, spm, kemper etc)
  • Top drives (Varco, Bowen, canrig, tescorp, etc)
  • Rig tools & expendables
  • Bearings
  • Drill bits